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Style fixes that you can consider in 2013

We all make blunders when it comes to style and it’s totally acceptable. What is important is to know your body, shape and style to dress perfectly for next time. I always like to

Priyanka Chopra

Your personal wardrobe colorist

We all know the art of buying the right fitted clothes for us (the first thing we learn as girls). We all learn about fashion and trends about the latest dresses and designs that

The hottest beauty trends for you

The hottest get-gorgeous looks from the runways are right here. Looking good doesn’t just mean choosing the right apparel or clothes. Or not necessarily wearing the sexy and stylish shoes. But it is important

So, are you a stiletto, Wedge or Trainer?

Forget men, diamonds or chocolates – we all know that when it comes to crunch, shoes are ultimately a girl’s best friend.  Those stilettos will always fit even 10 years after you have bought