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Full Skirt

Fashion Things to Store for the Fall 2013

Most of us are done with the summer and spring trends that came sometime back, but you don’t necessarily need to shut the summer closet yet. There are always a few styles that smoothly

Elie Saab

The Best Couture Gowns from Paris Fashion Week 2013

Paris Haute Couture Week is easily one of the most celebrated and awaited fashion events of the year, and every designer comes forward with his best possible designs. Couture gowns have something very famous

Sheer Clothing 2013

Summer Trend- See Through Clothing

Well, see through or sheer clothing has been controversial in the fashion circuits in more ways than one. While fashion experts have totally adored the trend and consider it to be one of the

Fast Summer Styling Tips for Quick Fashion Fixes

More than often, we have days when we just wanted to style rightly without having spent millions. This is when you need style fixes rather than trends, and that simply means you can do