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Go for cotton and silk

More Ways to Lose Pounds with Styling Ideas- Part 2

In the first part, we had talked of some of the basic things that go in trimming the silhouette and making the body look better and more styled. We take the same series with

Dressing Ideas

How to Shed Pounds with the Right Dressing Ideas?

There are women who don’t look their best often, more because of their dressing woes to say the least. Dressing is like an art, which only a true fashionista can master. Just having expensive

Printed clothing needs care

Making the Most of Being Short- Avoid These Things- Part 2

Let’s start with where we had left the series. So, we are talking of the best trends and styles that work for short girls. We had mentioned how heels and high waist pants can

Be careful with handbags and belts

A Complete Styling Guide for Shorter Girls- Part 1

Being short doesn’t mean the fashion police will be kind on you. While not having the right height is not your fault, but making fashion mistakes is not forgivable at all. Most short girls,

The sweater has transformed

Pre-Fall 2015 Roundup of Trends- More on the Plate- Part 2

Welcome back to the Pre-Fall 2015 roundup for the best trends. We would like to add here that these trends are essentially just the first few we have spotted, and we will have more

Go ahead with turtlenecks

Your Complete Guide to the First Round of Pre-Fall 2015 Trends- Part 1

More than often, we want to chuck the runways and trends and get in the comfort zone. After quick roundups of the best trends for 2015 so far and taking a look at the

Flared pants are back

The Best New Trends from 2015 Worth Adopting- Part 2

As we have stated in the first part of the series, 2015 has some truly fresh trends, and it might be worthwhile to check the elements that are new on the block. Taking the

Gladiator is back

The Most Promising and Fresh Trends of 2015 – Part 1

We had done quite a few trends for 2015, and as we gear for more ideas, we are taking a close look at some of these styles that seem to be the essence of

Complete knits for warmth

Looking Back at the 2014 Trends That are Worth Checking! – Part 2

We were checking the best trends for 2014, and we already listed five different trends that made a gala appearance and wooed us all. Here’s a check to cheer the last year fashion rules,

Feel furry and warm

Quick Flashback of Best Trends from 2014- Part 1

Fashion had some serious good times in 2014, and we loved some of the new things that came on the block. Keeping the fun going, we are reviewing the best trends of the last