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With a Little Imagination, You Can Look Stylish Too

Do your eyes turn green with envy when you see some women managing to carry off even the most casual of clothes with perfect élan? You often wonder how they succeed in making it to

You Can Look Good Even in Black, White and Gray

When you go shopping, do you automatically gravitate towards the shelves stocked with colourful clothes? If your answer is in the affirmative, it means that you have failed to comprehend the beauty of colourless

Make a Fashion Statement without Fear

If you take a close look at the fashion scenario, earlier styles seem to be returning with a big bang. True, the majority is still hesitant to try them, fearing public ridicule. Nevertheless, they

Turtleneck can Look Glamorous too!

Although, you love that warm, cuddled-up feeling you get when you don winter clothing, you are also worried about your fashion sense becoming a little cramped. In fact, turtleneck sweaters and jerseys are the

A Complete Style Guide to Wearing Tights

Wearing tights for any season needs a lot of balance and understanding of how things can be paired. While some of the ladies don’t experiment much with tights, there are others who chose to

The Top Formal Essentials for Every Working Girl!

Workplace clothing doesn’t have to be boring and bland, because there are plenty of brands that are changing the concept. At the same time, there’s ample to learn from your fellow fashionistas as at

Trendy Fashions for the Spring Season

With the arrival of the spring season, one can put away their heavy winter clothing and indulge in summery styles to your heart’s content. The fashioniastas can make a fashion statement with these trendy

“Tight” Fitting Garments May Appear Chic Too

Were you aware that you could make a fashion statement with something as simple as a pair of tights or leotards? No, you weren’t. Thus far, you have only viewed them as close-fitting apparel

Intelligent Ways to Look Slim and Trim Always

You need not have a svelte figure to don stylish clothes. In fact, it does not matter if you are tall or short, big boned or small boned, or thin or plump. Just select

Another Set of Spring Essentials for Every Girl- Part 2

We talked of the white dress, the romper and much more in the first part of the series. Moving ahead with the spring summer essentials, here is the next set of things you should