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Or do you carry it by your elbow

The Style of Carrying Your Handbag Can Say Much about Your Personality

While you are dumping stuff in your handbag and running to work, or going to university or for shopping, do you even realize that the way in which you are holding your beloved handbag

Work outfits let you the corporate fashion in your way

When it comes choosing your work outfit, you need to be extra careful. One prime reason for this is while, in work, your fashion should have an eclectic blend of elegance and smartness. You

The Easiest Accessory Trends from Fall 2015 Revealed

We have covered plenty of things for fall 2015, including clothing, shoes and accessories. In this exclusive post, we will discuss about some of the most practical fall accessory ideas, which are easy to

For the bold one

The 8 Uber Cool Ways to Carry off Long Shorts in Style

Come summer, the desire to buy new shorts rises automatically. To wear long pants or denim in the scorching heat becomes a hindrance to comfort. Most girls choose to opt for short shorts to