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The Best Handbag Trends from Spring 2016- Part 1

After covering the amazing trends from London Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week for spring 2016, we also covered the best shoes and accessory trends. Of course, we also got a number of requests

Pants for style

More Spring 2016 Trends From Paris Fashion Week – Part 2

In our very last post, we did a quick roundup of the spring 2016 at the Paris Fashion Week, and this time, we will just take it forward. In the previous post, we talked

Plaid all the way

The Best Spring 2016 Trends From Paris Fashion Week! Part 1

In the last few posts, we have done quite a bit of the amazing spring trends. We talked of the trends that made major impact, and we also did write about the best trends

Trying to Look Too Trendy at Once

5 Fashion Mistakes Every Girl Needs to Avoid

Not everything that you see on the ramp looks good on the road! While all of us are in the race to keep up with the latest fashion trends, the ugly truth is that

Best Trend Picks in Spring 2016 Jewellery- Part 2

Coming back to the second and final part of the best and worthiest jewellery trends of spring 2016, let’s talk of some more ideas. Apart from distinctive trends, we will also talk of the

New Series- The Best Jewellery Trends From Spring 2016 Collections – Part 1

Welcome back to yet another series of fashion trends in The House Of Elegance Fashion, and this time it is about the best jewellery trends of spring 2016. It’s been a pleasure to cover

The Greatest Spring 2016 Accessory Trends- Part 2

So, we were doing a haul on the best spring 2016 accessory trends, and we did complete a part. Taking this series ahead, let’s check some amazing accessory ideas that you can definitely look

Bigger the better

Great Accessory Trends Worth Picking For Spring 2016- Part 1

So, we have officially closed the last series on spring 2016 shoe trends, and we are fast moving ahead to cover more for the most amazing and freshest season of the year. With this

A bit of western elements

Great Shoe Trends from Spring 2016 Revealed- Part 2

In the last part of our series, we did a post on the best trends in shoes for spring 2016, and back then, we had promised to bring more. We are back to reviewing