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More Ideas on Wearing the Jumpsuit- Part 2

Fashion doesn’t have to be restrictive, or experimenting with your looks is a crime. Welcome to the second edition of the series on jumpsuits, where we will look at the summer essential with more

Your Guide To Wearing Jumpsuits- Dos And Don’ts- Part 1

Everyone loves the summers, and one item for the season that we haven’t talked about much about is the jumpsuit. Many of the celebs have been seen wearing jumpsuits, and the design works in

The New Ways to Wear the Pencil Skirt in Style!

The pencil skirt is among the few items that can start from the office and can slide for the party with the same ease. Sadly, we tend to wear the pencil skirt with the

More Cool Ideas to Get Better of the Leopard Print- Part 2

We have talked of why the leopard print is always in vogue and how you can team your favourite print in new ways every time. Leopard prints have transpired in different styles, and despite

Smart Ways to Carry Off the Leopard Print in Style! – Part 1

Talk of fashion classics that repeat in new styles, there is the leopard print that every woman out there would rave about. Essentially, the leopard print takes its cues from the fierce animal, but

The Best Eco Fashion Brands at a Glance!

Fashion doesn’t always mean you have to hurt the environment or the animals. While most of the luxurious brands do have a few collections from time to time that are considered to be green

How To Wear Lace Dresses With Ease?

In the recent conversations and posts, we have talked about how lace has become the staple for most designers for spring summer collections 2014. We loved the way Elie Saab came up with floor

How to Wear Emerald Green for Outfits with Flair?

Most of us like the jewel tones, and nothing beats the beauty of emerald green! Being an epitome of rebirth and nature, the shade is one of the best you can have, no matter

Maintaining Fashion- Guide to Deal With Stains on Clothes

At The House of Elegance Fashion, we like you to be stylish, and for that your fashionable clothing collection needs to be clean and stylish. Unfortunately, most of us deal with stains on our

Keep Fashion in Style- Smart Closet Organizing Tips for Fashionistas

We have talked of the fashion trends, ideas and all those things that go in being the perfect fashion diva, but how often do you check how all the components of fashion are stored?