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More Fall 2017 Shoe Trends – Part 2

In our last post, we talked about the three trending fall 2017 ideas. We discussed about the ‘bling’ element in shoes and how these trends ruled the runways. Taking the fashion game ahead, let’s

The Best of Fall 2017 Shoe Trends – Part 1

Thanks for coming back to The House Of Elegance Fashion. In the last few posts, we talked about the fall 2017 clothing trends, and we hope you enjoyed reading them. Moving ahead, we will

Unique Spring 2017 Shoe Trends You Must Try This Season!

Welcome back! In the last few weeks, we have talked endless things about spring 2017, and some of these trends and ideas were downright edgy and funky. In this post, we will talk about

The “Best of Spring” Series – More Spring 2017 Trends – Part 2

In our very last post, we sparked off our “Best of Spring” series, where we talked of the best spring trends in shoes. We had discussed the love for kitten heels, flatforms and ankle

The “Best of Spring” – Shoes for Every Girl – Part 1

So, the countdown to the ultimate spring lists has already started, and if you have followed our blog, you already know that we have enlisted some of the biggest trends of spring 2017. This

More Amazing Boot Trends For Fall 2016 – Part 2

In our last post on fall trends, we talked of a few handpicked trends in boots. Moving ahead, we are going to talk of more trends and ideas. Here’s a list of the final

Handpicked Fall 2016 Boot Trends at a Glance – Part 1

Fall is always a great season to experiment. If you have followed our blog, you must have seen all those trends that we have covered in varied posts. We have talked of the best

Mules, slides

Quick Recap of Best Wearable Fall 2016 Shoe Trends

So, we are eagerly waiting for the spring 2017 trends, but we thought this is also the apt time to talk of the fall of this year, given that we might have a few

Go all the way to white

More Practical Shoe Trends For Spring 2016 – Part 2

In our last list, we were talking about some of the most practical shoe trends for spring 2016. Moving ahead with the same, we have some more ideas and trends on this list, just

Play around colours

Revisiting Spring 2016- The Practical List Of Shoe Trends

The spring collections were reviewed by us some time back, and we had some incredible picks in trends. If you have followed us, you probably have an idea of what to shop this season.