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Discover the Best Fall 2017 Makeup Trends – Part 1

A perfect look is a mix of many things, including flawless makeup. In the last few posts, we have covered some of the best trends of fall and spring 2017. This is just the right time to take a look at the runway makeup trends. This is going to be complete series on the best of fall 2017 makeup trends. We will try to decode the runway looks and find the ideas that are trendy and quite practical. Makeup, when edgy, can be quite fun. So, grab your palettes and brushes to unleash the artist in you!

Woo it girl

Woo it girl: Fall lip colours are always edgy, and this time, it was all about the plum, ruby and red shades with a vampy touch. You can create some amazing evening looks with edgy fall colours, and if you can work with the plum palette in many ways. This is a trend that will work across skin tones, and you can take the look to the boardroom, as well. Since the focus is on the lips, you have to minimize the eye makeup. Go for neutral eyes if you like, or else, a little bit of rose gold shadow on the transition should do good.

Blue eyes

Blue eyes: Hypnotize everyone with cool blue toned eyes. The look is simple – get a wash of blue along the eyelids. You just need a blue-based palette to create this look. Start by adding a brown transition colour and build the blue as you go on. This is not the dark blue that many think about. Instead, this is a soft toned more water-blue kind of a trend that will look good for day-time appearances. The good thing is you don’t have to mix and match. Everyone can create a wear the dramatic blue eyes like a pro with almost anything. Keep the lips to a muted shade, or your try one of the MLBB colours (my lips, but better!).

Complete eyes

Complete eyes: Basically, this trend is all about the liner and kohl. Instead of just focusing on the liner, you can go ahead and tight-line the waterline with a dark coloured pencil. Use the same pencil for the eyeliner needs. Create a look that’s more rounded. This kind of kohl and liner look works wonders for most skin tones and makes your eyes look bigger and brighter. Use at least two to three coats of mascara to add more drama and add a pair of false eyelashes. This look is great for the evening, when you want to go overboard but don’t want a smoky eye look either. For the lips, keep it easy with a nude shade or go for lighter shades of pink or red. Don’t let the attention drift to anything but eyes.

Hope you liked this quick post, and in the next one, we have some more fall makeup ideas for you. Till then, keep in it style and don’t miss on trying these trends. After all, makeup is no fun without experimentation.

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