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Fashion Flashback- The Best Accessory Trends for Summer 2017

We have covered a lot of fall 2017 collections, and since summer is high in many parts of the globe, we thought of doing a nice flashback. In this post, we will decode some of the summer 2017 accessories that you definitely need. We might have covered some of these trends in our previous posts, while others were discovered with time. If you are still shopping for summer, some of these would be definitely handy. Let’s get started!

Choke it up

Choke it up: A few years back, Chanel came up with these chunky pearl neckpieces, and since then, neck-hugging items have been in trend. In recent times, we have seen show those synthetic and nylon threads have been used to create simple yet sophisticated chokers. The good is you don’t need to pay a big price for these and there are quite a few options on online stores. You can find a few within two dollars to be precise. Chokers work well with tops and dress alike, and you can also team them with off-shoulder outfits too.

Mismatched girl

Mismatched girl: Asymmetry is in trend these days, and all you need is a mismatched pair of earrings. This trend too started sometime back, and initially, it was about wearing one earring. Now, it’s more about mixing two earrings in a way that it creates a theme. You can buy such pairs online, but if you already have a lot in your closet, just use them in the way you want. This trend is fun and practical, because you can actually use almost everything you own.

Bulky pendants

Bulky pendants: Well, bulky and big pendants are a smart replacement for regular statement neckpieces that have been overused in recent years. You will find all sorts of pendants in the market, depending on the theme you like, and as required, you can even make your own using tassels, pompoms and fringe attachments. Tassel attachments can be found in a number of online stores, and you can buy colourful ones to create pendants, earrings and much more. Pendants can be worn dresses, skirts and tops alike, and if you are making your own, you just need a few extra gold and silver chains to create a set of layered neckpieces with multiple pendants.

Arm cuffs are back

Arm cuffs are back: The last trend we want to cover in this trend is welcome return of arm cuffs. Bracelets and handcuffs are still in vogue, but if you are looking for something different, this is the trend for you. Arm cuffs are unique and can be found with selected brands. You can try finding a few in the local flea market, or else, check online. Arm cuffs look great when teamed with sleeveless dresses and halter neck outfits. Also, you can try some great ideas, especially themes that talk of a particular interest. Upper arm bracelets surely look better on ladies who have slender hands, but you can try this trend regardless of your body shape.

Hope you like this post, and in the next, we have a few more summer accessories!

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