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Flashback Spring Summer 2017 Accessory Trends – Part 2

So, in our last post, we were doing a flashback of spring 2017 accessory trends. In this post, we will just take that ahead with some more options. These are ideas that you can carry in all seasons, and we believe these trends won’t fade away anytime soon. Let’s get started!

Tassels rule

Tassels rule: In the previous post, we had talked about creating DIY earrings and neckpieces with tassels, but this is also an individual trend. In fact, fringes and tassels have made a mark both on and off the runways, and you will find quite a few options in colours. You can match your earrings with your dress or any outfit, or there’s always the option of going for a contrasted look. Tassel earrings and accessories are pretty cheap as compared to other options.

More Rings

More rings: Multiple rings on the fingers and on the same hand have been a major trend for quite some time now. The rings are not just limited to one part of the finger. In fact, you can adorn two or more rings on the same finger. Look for chunky finger rings, made of fake stones that resemble tribal jewellery. You can also try those set of rings that are easily available on online stores.

Flower brooches

Flower brooches: Brooches and pins are classic accessories, and you can always try new ideas for different outfits for a more formal and retro look. You will find a lot of floral inspired pieces in spring 2017 collections, and some of these are available on online stores at good discounts. Besides the standard designs, jewelled pieces with added rhinestones and American diamonds also made a splash in the summer shows.

Big on anklets

Big on anklets: Many designers worked with anklets for the season, and these are quite inspiring pieces. You will find chunky anklets and even those that are inspired for tribal and indie designs. These anklets look perfect when teamed with a pair of high heels and a nice dress. To be honest, anklets work across seasons, so you can safely invest in a few. Don’t like wearing big pieces? Well, you can also get lean silver anklets for lower prices.

Its bigIt’s big: Massive and large earrings were one extremely relevant this season, and you will find all sorts of designs, right from floral ones to the ones designed with tassels and fringes. Danglers can be standalone accessories for the summer and spring, and you can choose to match these with your outfit as required. A better idea is to choose something in extreme contrast, so that the attention shifts to your face, instead of your body.

Strings of bracelets

Strings of bracelets: One is never enough – At least that’s what designers were thinking for the summer! A string of mixed and matched bracelets made a strong comeback this season, and you can wear as many as you want to cover your wrist and arm.

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