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We have always been looking forward to have guest blog posts from fashion addicts and bloggers who believe in the power of fashion. If you consider yourself to be well versed with fashion trends and rules and can translate your thoughts in words, you can contribute to ‘The House of Elegance Fashion’ with your ideas.

All our guest posts for ‘The House of Elegance Fashion’, are unpaid and are meant for those who like to share fashion ideas with the world. While we are not paying you for your blog posts, we would be happy to offer you a link for your personal blog or non-commercial website. We will also offer the option to include a picture of your website and write a few lines about the general theme of your blog. You can also add the blog posts written for our blog on your resume for career reasons. Check the rules to get associated with us.

  • You are expected to be proficient in English with exceptional writing skills. We are only looking for writers who have the skills and zeal to know and share things about fashion.
  • If you are writing on products and items, we insist that you only opt to write for cruelty free products. We are not encouraging any kind of animal and other testing on the website.
  • We are only looking for blog posts that readers can associate with The House of Elegance Fashion. We are looking for articles and posts that are relevant to the categories mentioned on the blog.
  • The minimum word count for articles is 300 words.
  • We are mainly targeting women aged between 15 and 65, and we expect you to write in the same lines. We also welcome posts on men’s fashion, as well.
  • All content submitted to us should be original and new in every aspect. Any kind of post that’s posted somewhere else or falls for plagiarism will be rejected right away.
  • You are expected to add one or two back links to your blog along with a short Bio and picture of yourself.
  • Articles need to be well crafted and written in an informal way. We don’t want any kind of SEO keyword stuffed articles or obscene content on our blog, neither we are willing to sell anything on the portal.
  • We are willing to offer two back links for any non commercial website of any social media channel.
  • Sponsored links and posts are allowed, and we request you to write about the same to us. Our team will evaluate all the essentials and decide on the same.

We apologize for not being able to take everyone onboard due to high demands, but we wish to hear from you to have you onboard with us.

Write to our expert blogger and author Suzy Walsh at for getting associated with us. We are looking towards having people who are willing take fashion to the next level and believe in creating long term relations.

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