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More Fall 2017 Makeup Trends Unveiled! – Part 2

In our last post, we had started a series on fall 2017 makeup. We covered some of the fun trends of the season and suggested ways on how you can replicate the runway looks. In this post, we are moving ahead with some more ideas. Also, we have tried to decode these looks with simple ideas, so that you don’t have a hard time creating the perfect face. Without much ado, let’s talk of what you can try for fall 2017.

More of metallic

More of metallic: Sometime back, the trends were more inclined towards matte looks. From lipsticks to nude and classic matte eye shadows, we had many ideas that were simple but practical. However, from the start of 2017, it has been about metallic looks. Suddenly, gold, silver and copper seem to be the flavour of the season, and it is quite fun to play around with these shades. Get a shimmery palette of mixed colours, and you also need a nice glitter eyeliner pencil. Since the focus is on the eyes, you can tone down the rest of the makeup. Keep it simple with gold eyeliner and nude lips, or just add some shadow on the eyes and bronze the face for that classic dramatic look.

Dual toned lips

Dual toned lips: Well, this is not a new trend for sure. The idea is simple – a mix of two colours. You can create a completely appealing look with one colour for each lip or can mix the colours in a different way. The look is interesting and doesn’t need a lot of products. Start by creating a nude eye, with a little mascara and eyeliner for the lids. The face needs to be neutral, but you can go ahead with highlighter and brush in a bare minimum mix. For the lips, you can go for gradation with two colours or just use two distinct shades, as mentioned earlier.

A mix of all

A mix of all: One of the many runway trends of the season was a mix of colours. The eyelids became a ground for makeup ideas, and artists didn’t shy away from using a lot of shades, right from blues and pastel shades to pinks and gold shimmer and much more. This is not a complicated look as it may seem, because there are no hard and fast rules, at all. If you are not fond of many eye shadows on your lids, you can try a mix of coloured eyeliners and mascaras too. This looks work well for the daytime. Just wear a nice colour block dress and complete the look with matching eyes. The lips can be neutral or in a bright pop shade, as you like it.

In our next posts, we are planning to do a must-have list of makeup essentials. These are basically the things you need in your vanity, regardless of the experience you have. We look forward to your feedback, and for more, follow this blog. We have tons of posts coming up in the next few weeks!

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