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More of Resort 2018 Trends – Part 2

In our last post, we had started a series of Resort 2018 collections. If you read that post, you must have noted trends like denim looks, bell bottoms and much more. Taking the series ahead, we have some more ideas and suggestions for you. After all, fashion is all about staying in vogue, and we are committed to change your style preferences forever. Here are some of the other trends of Resort 2018!

The mono girl

The mono girl: It’s been a while that we have seen monochromatic looks on the runways, but thanks to resort 2018, the trend is back. Many designers, including top names like Stella McCartney, worked with singular colours that made an instant impact. What’s even more interesting is the fact that the palette of colours is strikingly different. From the bright oranges and greens to blues and yellows, the monochrome looks were utterly pleasing in many ways. If you are looking for ensemble or coordinated outfits, you can find some good options online. Also, you can mix and match pieces in singular colours but in the same palette.

Orange is here

Orange is here! Well, orange is one colour that doesn’t flatter every skin tone. Bright oranges are too risky, while the pale ones can be too boring. However, designers have found a way to work with all shades. Resort 2018 had some amazing orange inspired colours, and top names like Victoria Beckham and Oscar de la Renta worked wonders even with the lighter shades. A nice pale coloured orange dress will look great for a day-time date, or else, you can reserve one for the Sunday brunch with friends.

Socks with options

Socks with options: This might seem a little surprising, but designers loved the idea of using socks for almost every look! Socks for the resort collections were sporty, edgy and designed to meet the needs of the contemporary women. These socks might seem expensive, but you can always try new options online. This trend will work wonders when you are wearing short or midi-length skirts or dresses. Basically, you don’t have to hide the socks anymore – These are accessories you want to show off, especially for the fall and winter.

Hotter than the tropics

Hotter than the tropics: Since summer of 2017, we have been seeing tropical prints, and the trend continued for the fall, as well. For Resort collections of 2018, designers seemed to work with tropical floral ideas, with a lazier vibe. The colour mixes were pretty varied, so one cannot really comment on a shade palette. However, since this is a repeat trend, you are likely to see to most of it in seasons to come. Basically, the idea is to use floral without too much of symmetry.  Keep it easy for the season, and you are good to go. You can go for tops or choose a nice A-line dress with a nice summer shrug.

We have another post coming up on resort trends, so keep an eye on this space, and if you liked this post, share it with others!

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