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The Best Fall 2017 Runway Looks Decoded – Part 1

Our last few posts have been about clothes, shoes, accessories, handbags and probably everything about fall 2017 trends. With all those things in place, can you still get a look right without the right makeup? Well, we just realized that the need for knowing the makeup ideas from runways, and to keep up with that, we have the best fall 2017 trends for you in a compact series. We love to curate what we see on the runways, and here are the first few for a few good ideas.

Less is more

Less is more: Well, minimalistic looks ruled the fall 2017 runways, and the idea is all about keeping it bare. Instead of bright and poppy eye shadows, the looks were all about zero makeup, with no unwanted add-ons. Use a foundation that matches your skin tone to the T, and along with that, you need a MLBB (my lips but better) kind of shade. Maybe you can add a little more dimension by adding some contour, although top shows didn’t have a glimpse of it. Some of the collections or looks you can check include Alexander McQueen, Dries Van Noten, Lanvin, Marc Jacobs, and Mulberry. For girls who don’t love makeup, this is probably the best pick, although you must get the base foundation right.

Say it with lashes

Say it with lashes: Even a couple of seasons back, the mascara emerged as one of the top makeup items for the fall. The love with lashes seems to continue. It is all about keeping certain things to the minimum, including the liner and shadows. Instead, you need falsies! Yes, long and dramatic false lashes ruled the looks of Marc Jacobs, Saint Laurent, Céline, Lanvin, and Dries Van Noten. Besides getting the concealer in place, you have to use long lashes with lengthening mascara. Again, do not go for coloured lashes, because natural and black options look way better, especially for the fall.

The gothic girl

The gothic girl: Gothic trends have been inspiring designers for decades, and this time, it was all about playing the style, but without going overboard. Right from Valentino and Puma, to Philipp Plein, the trend was evident everywhere. You can find a lot of inspiration with regards to the actual style, but it’s a good idea to play with smoky eye makeup coupled with an edgy lip colour. Wine lip shades are always great for this trend, but you can also try red or maroon shades with darker hues.

Draw in style

Draw in style: Eye makeup was a mixed bag for fall 2017. There were all sorts of options, starting from nude eyes to drawings. Drawings with colours were more inspired from the tribal looks, and it made sense on the runways. If you are fond of edgy and stylish looks, this is something you can try. You can check Puma by Rihanna or Maison Margiela to find a few ideas. If extreme drawings seem a lot, you can always go for softer but bright eyelid looks.

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